Survey reveals significant ‘mobile-only’ use by app gamers

PushON | October 29th 2012

Of all gamers who use apps to access electronic games, a sizeable number restrict their downloading and use of such games entirely to mobile devices – namely smartphones and tablets.

These findings were identified in a recent survey involving 5,923 app game players undertaken by independent research organisation NPD Group. The survey revealed that 23% of respondents participate in these games using only mobile devices.

The increasing significance of smartphones and tablets for app gaming moreover was revealed in the survey’s findings that 59% of the total participation in app gaming is made via these mobile devices.

The NPD Group’s other findings – contained in a report entitled ‘Mobile Gaming 2012’ – included the fact that nearly 50% of those surveyed reported having increased their participation in game-playing via a mobile device in 2012 when compared with 2011.

Among the reasons cited for playing more games via mobile, 37% said this was attributable to the availability of free apps, while 34% said simply that using a mobile device was more convenient and afforded greater portability.

The extent to which offering free game apps to gamers constitutes a worthwhile strategy in terms of longer term sales for suppliers was demonstrated in the survey’s finding that almost 30% of gamers who access games via an app have either purchased an app game or have made the switch from a more basic free app game to a paid-for upgrade.

This tendency to buy was found to increase the more that gamers participated in the playing of app games.