Consumers in the UK are much more likely to use their smartphone to visit a website for information about products in a shop than they are to converse with a retail assistant.

This information was released by Euromonitor, following a survey of retail technologies across 15 markets. Japanese and Chinese shoppers share a similar approach as technology trumps human interaction.

The news is likely to be of interest for marketers seeking to capitalise on the increased usage of smartphones and tablets. It has never been more vital for marketing teams to ensure they have websites optimised for mobile users; otherwise they face losing potential customers.

Euromonitor’s survey revealed that the popularity and use of mobile devices is continuing to grow in the retail sector. However, it seems that consumers are not scanning QR codes during their shopping trips.

More than 40 per cent of those asked, in the UK and other developed nations have never scanned a QR code to receive product details and information. China’s shoppers are also reluctant to scan while in stores.

It is also of interest that consumers aren’t using their smartphones to write or read reviews of products or services. Less than 20 per cent of those surveyed write reviews on their smartphones or tablets whilst out shopping. Regardless, reviews are still responsible for influencing purchases for over 50 per cent of those surveyed; this suggests that reviews are more likely to be read on home computers rather than mobile devices.