A new survey has revealed that most firms in the UK are likely to increase or at least maintain their expenditure on content marketing in the next 12 months.

The survey, by the Content Marketing Association (CMA), found that 73 per cent of marketers questioned intended to either raise their content marketing budget, or keep it at its existing level over this period. Furthermore, content marketing in general during this time is likely to account for one fifth of the average marketing budget.

Acknowledged by many in the marketing sector as a potentially invaluable tool for future promotional initiatives, content marketing involves the wholesale public transmission or exposition of images or information without any accompanying promotional explanation or other attempt at contextualisation.

Social media such as YouTube and Facebook have been seen as particularly apt vehicles for content marketing, given that they already serve as accepted locations for the distribution of various content formats.

According to the CMA, 70 per cent of adult consumers are likely to encounter content marketing campaigns each month, with 61 per cent indicating that such campaigns increase the positive attitudes they feel towards brands.

Julia Hutchison, chief operating officer of the CMA, has warned however that the material produced for content marketing campaigns must be of a sufficiently high calibre in order to register such a positive response from audiences.

Meanwhile, online video distribution company Rightster’s Charlie Muirhead has advised that, in addition to content marketing, established marketing tools such as search engine optimisation (SEO) should be used in order to help lead consumers towards the content marketing material in the first place.