The findings of a new survey have led to the conclusion that use of personal mobile devices to connect to workplace networks is on the increase.

The survey, carried out in the UK, Germany, the US and Japan, by Dimensional Research on behalf of mobile security specialists, Check Point Software, found that the most popular brands of mobile products used to connect with corporate networks correlated closely with those used by private individuals outside the workplace.

Apple’s iOS mobile platform, for example, was found to be the most popular used in the workplace; accounting for 30% of corporate mobile activity, and placing it slightly ahead of RIM’s Blackberry platform. Yet, Apple, unlike Blackberry, does not specifically target the corporate mobile market.

The same data, which was secured for the survey from a sample of 768 senior IT executives, revealed that Android accounted for 21% of corporate mobile network traffic, whilst the Windows Phone by Microsoft secured just 18%. Symbian by Nokia, meanwhile, accounted for a mere 3%.

The view emerging from the survey results, that staff increasingly prefer to use their own mobile devices at work (IT ‘consumerisation’), was further encouraged by the fact that 89% of IT professionals surveyed said staff at their companies were now permitted to connect their personal mobile equipment to the corporate network.

The survey also revealed however, that over 66% of these same IT professionals say they have seen more threats to security emerging in the last two years, with 71% saying they believe that mobile use contributed to these security threats.