A new survey has revealed that those engaged in email marketing might be missing out on potential business – and even alienating some prospective customers – through the careless use of communications.

The survey – carried out by research organisation, YouGov – found that 75 per cent of adult consumers questioned said they would definitely not take kindly to being inundated by marketing emails, and would most likely develop a negative attitude towards the brand as a result.

An additional 71 per cent said that unsolicited marketing emails would be similarly counterproductive.

Two other email marketing faux pas identified by the survey included incorrect spellings of the addressee names (referred to by 50 per cent of respondents), and using the incorrect gender (cited by 40 per cent of respondents). Both of these errors were revealed as likely to turn consumers against even their favourite brands.

The survey also revealed that attempts to try to elicit personal details directly from consumers by asking for information in exchange for incentivised offers were not likely to be as successful as might be assumed.

Just 28 per cent of respondents said they would reveal their name in return for receiving such offers, whilst passing on details of their age or gender in exchange for such incentives was found to be agreeable among just 37 per cent and 38 per cent of respondents respectively.

Industry commentators have viewed the results of the YouGov survey as demonstrating the vital importance for brands of researching the correct personal details and the specific interests of each consumer prior to attempting to engage them with email marketing campaigns.