TwitterWe’ve been experimenting this week with Flickr and Twitter… and although we’re not entirely convinced of the benefit of these tools, it’s been interesting to see what can be achieved.


There are 3rd party tools for example that make mobile updates much easier – ShoZu is a software application for your mobile that allows you to add photos direct to your Flickr account.

Roy’s blessed with a Nokia, so he’s been trying out Fring, which among other things allows you to publish messages to Twitter using mobile internet – and therefore avoiding SMS charges.

There are some great plugins that you can use to show latest photos, and latest twitters on your web pages; this combination should be well suited for commentating on events as they happen. Meaning there is an illustrated report (or evidence!) typed up and published before you get home from the event.

MySpace doesn’t like JavaScript, which make the default Flickr plugins pretty useless, but there are some workarounds created independently which work very well in MySpace. A couple that I tried were Badgr, which creates a Flash plugin for your account, and flashandburn, which outputs a PNG image of your latest photos.

We’ll be using these tools for the Big Chip Awards… unless we’re too inebriated.

  • Katrina

    Jamie asked if twitter can be integrated into an RSS feed – it can, and here’s some details from the site:

    There’s a link at the bottom of your timeline, and the pubblic timeline with ‘RSS Feed’

  • Simon Wharton

    There’s a story on the Register at the moment. The awards are going to be broadcast via Secondlife with an Anthony F Wilson avatar.
    methinks 1 Anthony F is pushing it a bit.

  • Carolina Event Planning

    Interesting info. I’m still new to web based marketing and really appreciate those who share their expertise.


  • Simon Wharton

    Also just picked up a post by Seth Godin on LiveBlogging Basically he’s saying that the process of blogging (Twittering) live may have more value for the Twitterer as opposed to the reader but a summation of live activities later on draws on the (Twittering). Some interesting opportunities coming up at the Big Chip Awards