An epic fail by Twitter…as experienced by Mr Hitler.

We’ve been using Twitter much more lately, and rather than just submitting information into the aether, we’ve been getting more involved in the conversation.

Microblogging seems to have the exact same reputation as blogging has when it was young, in that it’s aimless chat from teenagers…

well… there is a lot of aimless chat, and not just from teenagers, but there’s also a lot of very useful information out there, a lot of great contacts to me made, and if you post interesting/useful/funny information then you can generate a following of like-minded and potentially influential people.

It can be useful for businesses and for ‘grown ups’, but it’s a matter of choosing who to listen to, searching for the relevant terms and posting something with a point. And the huge advantage of searching and posting on Twitter is the immediacy of it. Rather than waiting for Google to index your content, or indeed the information you are looking for – Twitter gives/gets the information in almost real time.

Particularly useful for live events, or problems with a new piece of software for example.

Thanks to Andy at SKV for pointing this video out.

  • Simon Wharton

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