Join a select audience and our opinionated panel at The Castle hotel for an interactive debate about the use of new technology.

We’ve set up The Feed because the web industry is in a constant state of beta. Always evolving and changing. So every second Monday at The Castle, we’ll be debating issues in the tech/ web/ digital/ design industries. No holds barred, we aim to find out what industry experts really think.

Personally, I’m hoping for things to get a little feisty. Anyone who follows me on Twitter will know that I like a good fight civilised debate. I’m just lucky that Simon, our MD, feels the same way. In fact, I suspect that’s one of the reasons he hired me.

When I asked him what his reasons were behind wanting to start The Feed, he said:

“Being polite doesn’t necessarily get to the nub of things. In a time when the digital sector is polluted by self professed ninjas, rock stars and gurus, we thought it would be fun to put on an event built on vigorous argument in front of an enquiring audience. That’s The Feed. It will be a bit rude.”

I see it as a chance to say what we really want to say, without skirting around the issue. Hecklers are encouraged.

This month we’re discussing new technology. Has it all just gone too far? With:

Simon Wharton, MD of award winning digital marketing agency PushON
Mark Cadwaladr, Digital Technology manager for PZ Cussons
John Delacruz, Award Leader of BA Advertising and Brand Management at Staffs Uni
Tom Cheesewright, technology consultant and commentator, and co-founder of marketing software company CANDDi

If you want to attend book your ticket here. Hurry, there’s not many. If you can’t attend but want to hear about future events, fill out our contact form. If you’re a journalist and want to cover the event, or think you’d make a good panellist email me: