The Internet is now Mobile!

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Well that’s what Vodafone are telling the world with their new advertising. By giving you web access via your mobile, to surf the web while you’re on the loo or blog from the back seat, Vodafone say that they are giving us more time back to do the things we love!


So is this all just marketing hype or does mobile web actually work well enough to support some or all of our browsing needs?

As developers of mobile web we’ve been testing a lot of ‘mobile friendly’ sites to see what makes them usable to the end user; here’s a few of our favourites:


We’d be interested to hear what sites you find useful on your mobile, and where you use your mobile browsing. Are you a ‘loosurfer’ or do you check your emails while you’re on the bus?

backseat blogger

And if you’re one of those people who still think that mobile web is not fast enough you should check out the Netfury Mobile Accelerator.