Google has stepped up its efforts in the search for the perfect SERP (search engine results page). Over the last few years we have seen the SERP change to include images, videos, products, maps, local listings and other elements.

Now Google is experimenting with the way we carry out our searches with new views such as Related Searches, Wonder Wheel and Timeline. These three new views allow users to refine their search queries providing more detailed suggestions, alternative keywords and the timeline allows users to see results over a set period of time.

Related Searches

Related Searches provides suggestions for related keyphrases to the search term you have entered. As you can see from the results below this could prove dangerous as it can suggest competitors.


Wonder Wheel

Wonder wheel provides a new way to navigate search results, refining your search as you go along. Selecting a related result from the spider diagram on the left-hand side of the SERP automatically updates search results on the right-hand of the SERP.



Timeline allows you to search for results between specific dates, this is particularly useful if you are researching for an article or just want to see how long people have been speaking about a certain brand/topic.


So how do these changes affect SEO? Well, it’s not the first time Google has made changes to the SERP and it certainly won’t be the last. Related searches provide an opportunity for internet marketers to optimise for new terms that may not be as competitive for example a search for “garden” shed results in a number of related search suggestions which could also be optimised for. They may have been low-volume in the past but now they could receive high levels of targeted traffic.


It is also interesting to see that Google has placed the related searches above paid listings.

The Wonder Wheel view again provides search suggestions and will give users the opportunity to make their search more refined, this may help with conversion rates.

Timeline view is probably the least important in terms of Internet Marketing as it seems to be aimed at people researching topics.

  • Rose – MN Human Resources

    I like Wonder Wheel because it saves me time when searching for something. Getting the search tasks more refined is wonderful :)