Recently, there’s been a lot of talk about Pottermore, a newly, not-quite-unveiled idea that J.K. Rowling has come up with. It’s opening to all in October, but there’s currently a competition running where you can gain early entry by showing just how well you know the series and answering a question. Of course, since the world of Harry Potter is something that many people have grown up with and love, it means that many people (such as myself) have been depriving themselves of sleep to try and get to the website and answer the question before the day’s allotted places run out.

But what exactly is Pottermore? Well, nobody knows. As someone said on Twitter, ‘JK unveils Pottermore. The world responds with a resounding ‘Uuh what?’’. The idea is that members of the website can be Sorted into one of the four Houses and get their own wand. Rowling has also said she will be sharing the information on the Potterverse that she has been compiling over the years, and pretty much everyone –  from the fan fiction writers obsessed with staying canon (not creating random characters and elements of the story that aren’t originally there, for those of you unfamiliar with the term), to the people who just like to boast that they know more about Harry Potter than other people, to the people (again, such as myself) who believe that the owl with their acceptance letter is probably just stuck in a tree somewhere and will take any opportunity to pretend to be at Hogwarts – will jump at the chance.

It does seem a little bit geeky and maybe a bit childish, and the non-believers are probably already pointing and laughing at how stupid we look because they think it’s cool to not like Harry Potter (au contraire. They’re in denial of their empty, Potterless lives), but they’re just daft Muggles and nobody who’s anybody is listening to them.