SAScon, always giving! And next week, some of the team behind Europes leading expert online marketing conference will be delivering the first of a series of quarterly briefings to the Professional Services sector in conjunction with the lovely people at Pro Manchester. The first of these briefings will address the legal sector. We will be looking at who in that sector is successfully addressing the challenges posed by digital technologies and also trying give some insight as to where the legal sector might achieve some competitive advantage, bearing in mind the looming presence of Tesco law.

Your speakers for the day will be me, at least I will be chairing and trying to set the scene. Your lead expert for the day will be Richard Gregory, chief operating officer of Latitude. I learnt more from him over one lunch than I had done in the previous 6 months. And there is the stunning mind that is Dan Lukas (nee O’Malley) of Needle Insights who will be using the crystal ball that is in-depth data analysis to deliver some thought as to the opportunities available to the legal sector in the very near future. If you would like to attend, please book via Pro Manchester but hurry, attendance is limited and it’s nearly full.