My blank reaction said it all last week when I was told of a new report in Google Adwords. How had I missed this? When explained further I realised that it was a report that I was fully aware of and have been using for years now. The report basically outlines what search term triggered your advert on Google after a user searched it, otherwise known as the Search Query Report. The Search Query Report has a lot of history; in the old Google Adwords interface it was found under the reporting tab and was a report all on its own. Nowadays it is found under the keyword tab, basically to generate this report you have to;

  • Specify your date range.
  • Choose which campaigns you wish to do the report for.
  • Click onto the keyword tab.
  • Select the See Search Terms button above the keywords.
  • Select a chosen few keywords or select all.

Boom! Report generated. You are then left with a list of keywords that the user has typed into Google to trigger your advert. Depending on the match types of the keywords in your account you should find some keywords which say Added (already in your account) and some that don’t say anything (are not in your account). I use this report for several reasons;

  • To create a negative keyword list. For example your client might be bidding on the term insurance on Broad Match. The report might bring back results saying that the term insurance was triggered 600 times in May and cost £900 for the term Landlord Insurance. If the provider doesn’t provide this type of insurance make it a negative and save £900 a month.
  • To find new keyword opportunities. This is a great report to find high converting long tail keywords. I usually add these opportunities on Exact Match and make sure that we are appearing in position number 1 for this term. Adding this on Exact Match also increases the Quality Score and in time will decrease the Cost Per Click.

The frequency that I run this report totally depends on the client’s account. I run it regularly (weekly) if a client has high traffic coming from Adwords or a lot of the keywords in an account are quite broad. I run it monthly for client’s who have lower traffic and tight campaigns, for example it is pointless running this report if all of your keywords are on Exact Match.

The Search Query Report can also be found in the New Version of Google Analytics. Here is how to find it;

  • Login to your Analytics account.
  • Click on Trafffic Sources.
  • Then on Adwords.
  • Then on Keywords.
  • Select your date range.
  • Then just above the keywords where it says Viewing, click Matched Search Query.

All in all this is a must have tool for PPC Marketers whether managing a small PPC Campaign or several international multi-lingual campaigns.