The Top 10 Mos for Movember

Posted by Simon Wharton

Movember. The time of year when all right thinking men let the inner Village People run riot. Upper lips will be sporting the most ridiculous range of facial fuzz from the Hitler, through the rats tail, spiv, Dali, Pancho Villa to the full on Handlebar. Men justifiably get to look like dicks. Butch but dicks nevertheless. So why do we get to play around with our snot mops in Movember? Well it’s for charity, specifically to raise awareness of mens health issues such as prostate and testicular cancer. Well, I like to think Ive got the balls to do something about that, so I will be mo ing up again this year and you can support me looking totes amazeballs by sponsoring me. You’ll find a  picture of previous efforts later in this post. Whilst sporting my magnificent snot mop, Mothers sheperded their children away from me and effete German gentlemen made their presence known. True story.

But in celebration of this magnificent month of Movember, we have collated what we believe to be the absolute Top 10 finest Mos in the History of the known universe. We’d like to know if you agree. Incidentally, clearly we’ve nicked some images. It’s for charity so please don’t sue us.

Chairman Mo

Chairman Mo

Nothing says revolutionary culture more than ebullient face fungus. Here we have the Chairman sporting a look that would see him welcome in any hipster bar.

Mo Farah

Mo Farah

Mighty Mo. Our leader.

Mo zbot

Here’s Mo Zbot sporting a wonderful Basil Faulty style tash.

Mo gan Freeman

Mo gan Freeman

It’s Mo gan. Shits going to be just fine.

Mo from Eastenders


Now there’s a chap you’d sup a fine Brandy with.

Mo Nique

Mo Nique

And laughing all the way to the bank is Mo’Nique, sporting something of a giddy rats tail.

Mo Szyslak

Mo Szyslak

A fine Mo on your bartender is surely an absolute guarantee of quality libation.

Mo Mowlem

Mo Mowlam

Genuinely one of the finest women ever to walk the earth. RIP.

Barack Mobama


Apparently this chap is quite powerful. You can tell by that magnificent Sellick he’s sporting.

Si Mo n Wharton

Si Mo N Warton

Finally, hide your children, the boogeyman is in town.

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In all seriousness, please vote. Please tell people about Movember and get involved yourself. And please give a little bit of money