I’m a great fan of of getting the greatest utility out of any effort I make. Some would call it lazy, I call it efficiency ;-). Anyhow, we had a potential client who couldn’t understand why they would want to put money into organic search marketing as opposed to just sticking all their money into a Pay per Click solution. Well I knew the answer but I had never thought to actually putting it down on paper with some supporting evidence. So I did You can find my article about the value of organic search marketing as opposed to pay per click on our main site. If you cant be bothered, basically:

Pay per click gets a lot of utility because it gives you results with nice graphs very quickly. With a grasp of traditional media buying, you have an understandable metric. Consequently it attracts about 84% of online marketing spend.

However, Organic search results get more customer eyeballs on them and only 16% of online marketing spend is going on targeting those views. It’s a medium to long term strategy but done well, it should drive the cost of client acquisition right down. It’s more difficult to sell to those who are less web savvy though