It’s the Monday after Think Visibility weekend, and time to catch up on all of the chatter and roundups from another great conference (along with sifting through the typical Monday morning emails). It’s the third time I’ve been to the conference, and the 4th time for some of our office, and it delivered once again – full credit to Dom Hodgson (he must be getting used to it, he seemed a lot more calm this time round!).

As with earlier in the year, I decided to do some live blogging throughout some of the sessions – links of which are below.

Learning and Earning through Social Media w/ Mel Carson

Mel kicked off the day with an insight into how the Microsoft Advertising team were tasked with becoming more involved with social media, and he provided some interesting reasoning and approaches that he and his team use. The main take away from this session was that you should be capturing all of the data available, which will allow you to plan and execute an effective strategy, and ultimately leads you to understand the best method of moving forward.

Live blogging notes – Learning and Earning through Social Media

Keyword Domains and Mini-Sites w/ Gary Taylor

This was probably one of the favourite sessions for most attendees, as Gary took us through ways in which to find the right domain name, and how to effectively monetise domains with mini-sites (and how to replicate success). His talk was really inspiring to me personally, as I have a couple of domains lying around which could definitely be better utilising, and it was interesting to hear his thoughts on a number of issues (the Q&A was equally as useful).

Live blogging notes – Keyword Domains and Mini-Sites

Using Social Media for SEO w/ Lisa Myers

I wasn’t live blogging during Lisa’s session, but she covered a lot of interesting points to do with link bait. A key take away point from this session was something I Tweeted out at the time:

All the tweeting, digging, buzz building, social networking and seeindg in the world will NOT work if the idea is rubbish

Another thing she mentioned was that you should be hosting your own content – there is no point in driving traffic to a social network or other website, keep it to yourself.

Affiliate Marketing Technologies w/ Kevin Edwards

Kevin’s session was a little more Affiliate Window oriented than I would have liked, and it was quite specific to what they were doing in terms of some of their affiliate work. However, a good take away from this was that Kevin believes there to have been a big shift between PPC and incentivised marketing – affiliate marketing has gone main stream.

Live blogging notes – Affiliate Marketing Technologies

Linkbuilding in Real Life w/ Jaamit Durrani

I was really looking forward to this session as linkbuilding presentations are always the most interesting (in my opinion), and this was the case once again. Jaamit did a great job as it was his first ever presenting gig, and there were a lot of take aways from it, including:

  • Stop obsessing over your home page – distribute your link equity
  • Don’t focus on quality over quantity – get lots of quality links
  • You don’t need to be an Excel genuis to look at a backlink profile – use the data available to understand why your competitors are doing better than you

The point is not to imitate your competitors, but to understand why they are doing better than you.

Live blogging notes – Link Building in Real Life

What Would a Spammer do? w/ Paul Madden

Without doubt the most entertaining session of the day, as Paul ran us through examples of spamming and black hat work he used to do (he’s now a “respected businessman” – his words ;)). Paul (aka @SEOidiot) covered different techniques that have previously been used to exploit Google – some of which are still working today. There weren’t many ‘take aways’ as such from Paul’s session, but it was certainly up there with the best of the day.

How to Gain Ranking Dominance w/ Dave Naylor

Last (but certainly not least) up was Dave Naylor, talking about how to gain ranking dominance within the search engines. Dave talked about how you don’t neccasarily have to put a lot of leg work into ranking within a sector if you have budget – you can buy domains/websiters that already have authority and ranking within the industry. He also recommended tailgating existing brands to build initial authority within the SERPs, and to become a brand yourself.


Another fantastic conference, and a great day out. All credit to Dom and the Think Visibility team for making it happen once again – I’m just disappointed we couldn’t hang around for longer for the after party!

Here are some of the other roundups / notes from the sessions:

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