Google Search ResultsMost of us in the industry have now realised that Google is God, but did you realise how she orders web pages in search results?

Apparently results are compiled from a combination of web based algorithms, human editors and pigeons… (well, the latter was perhaps based on a Google April fools from a couple of years ago…).

Ebay Sells Search VolumeAfter seeing some dramatic changes in traffic volumes at the end of December for a number of our clients, it inspired me to write a post on the subject. However I came across some bizarre web pages when typing in my search phrases.

Google was probably the worst culprit, but Ebay also interrupted my research, by offering great deals on search volume… Silly Ebay – whoever is sorting your Pay Per Click campaign has an interesting approach.

Some of the search trends that Google highlighted were quite sweet, it seems more and more people are turning to search engines for advice rather than agony aunts.

Search Trends - How to kiss, Who is God, What is Love
  • Mark Mayne

    I think it is interesting that you refer to Google as a she. December is often a key month in Google’s calender with regards to changing their algorithm and this may explain why we are seeing changes in listings.

  • Katrina Gallagher

    Thanks Mark, That sounds like a more likely explanation!

    Is this anything to do with you by the way?