The global consumer insight director of research organisation, Kantar Worldpanel Com Tech, has said, in the light of results from a recent survey into smartphone take-up, that:

“for the first time ever, you are now in the minority if you don’t own a smartphone”.

Dominic Sunnebo’s comments were based on his organisation’s findings that 50.3% of the UK population now own a smartphone.

In another first, the survey revealed that the majority of smartphones in the UK are Androids; accounting for 36.9% of models in use.

Although this figure is almost certain to be made up of different brands, including Samsung, Motorola, HYC and LG, it is the first time that smartphones based on Google’s Android operating system have enjoyed a larger share of the market than the Apple iPhone; which accounted for only 28.5% of total smartphone handsets.

The survey’s findings cover a four week period up to 23rd January this year; and they reveal that over the same period, Android models also dominated the proportion of on-going sales of smartphones, with the handsets enjoying a market share of almost 50%, compared with Apple’s share of just under a third of all sales. RIM, makers of BlackBerry, meanwhile, accounted for 15% of all sales.

Nokia’s Symbian phones meanwhile were shown to have dropped their share of the market from 15.5% in January 2011 to just 2.8% in January 2012; whilst Nokia’s adopted Windows Phone platform – produced by Microsoft – increased its sales from 0.4% last January to just 2.2% in January 2012.