Blogs are a great way to get your brand message across, launch new products and get customer feedback, but blogs full of well written, regularly updated content can also help generate traffic to your website.

This is because:

  1. Search engines are more likely to spider your site more frequently (Google, et al learn that there’s a reason to check frequently to keep up to date with you)
  2. Because there’s a greater volume of text – you’ll be listed for a wider variety of phrases.
  3. It also encourages people to link to the site, make comments about it and come back.
  • Paul Fabretti

    Don’t forget that the whole principle behind the blog is to open the channels of communication up between customer and company.

    Doing this allows the company to put a human voice to the business which a corporate wesbite would typically not.

    The SEO benefits are side-effects (but good ones at that all the same!!)

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