Nowadays one of the best ways to get something famous is by creating a viral video. Post it in the right place with an intriguing thumbnail that makes people wonder what on earth is going on in there, and soon, if it’s good, they’ll have shown their friends, who will have shown their friends, who will have shown their friends, until eventually everyone knows about it and even if nobody understands what you’re trying to sell, they know you’ve been trying to sell something and they know about you. Some, however, are better than others. Here’s some of my favourites:

  1. Old Spice – Normally adverts for body washes and shampoos are quite irritating and full of women swishing their hair all over the place (It must be a nightmare vacuuming the floor after they’ve been filming the adverts – hairs everywhere). I’m not sure if it’s because Isaiah Mustafa never stops talking for a moment and never breaks out of the slightly sinister grin, which makes it even funnier, but I just know that if I had a man, I would buy him Old Spice so he could smell like a man, man. Silver fish hand catch!
  2. Tippexperience – I’m actually quite impressed with what they’ve done. The first video is ‘A hunter shoots a bear’, which leads onto a Youtube page where part of the video name has been ‘tippexed’ out, so you can change the name of the video, which changes the story. Though I have found that typing some words in comes up with odd results, or just links to some of the other story options, I have yet to find an idea they haven’t thought of.
  3. Will it Blend? – An advert for Blendtec blenders, where various different things are put into their blender to see if it will blend. Not normal kitchen objects like peppers and herbs, but weird things like glowsticks. Just so you know – iPads DO blend, so don’t be tempted.
  4. TMobile flashmob – It’s fun to watch, although I think it would be quite unnerving to be walking through a train station and suddenly be blocked by a crowd of dancing people. But it is quite good at showing you what’s possible when you connect with people – which, of course, T Mobile are only too happy to help with.
  5. Wolves in Moscow – at first, people thought that the clips of wolves running wild in Moscow and attacking people were real. It turns out, after some incredibly sceptical people went through the video frame by frame, that it is in fact part of a campaign for Eristoff vodka. I’m not quite sure wolves have to do with vodka though.