Track Keywords & Organic Marketing Success

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Along with defining the keywords you want to target and running regular ranking reports, another (and perhaps more important) measure of how your organic marketing campaign is going is seeing what traffic you’re getting from your targeted keywords.

Advanced segmentation

You can do this in Google Analytics if you set up advanced segments – listing non paid traffic from each keyword you have decided to target (a new segment for each keyword).

Measure the performance of keywords

However, you may have some additional improvements in rankings and search traffic from people typing variations of your targeted phrases. And to judge the success of this, you have two useful reports to help you out.

Keyword report

Firstly, you can use the keyword report, select the time frame you want to test and compare it to the past ticking the box under the calendar.Tracking keyword performance

Then using the comparison view to see your improvements in traffic and deteriorations.

Compare performance of keywords

You will be presented with something along the lines of this report, with your improvements on the previous period marked in green, and deteriorations in red:

Track improvement in organic traffic

Keywords with higher traffic than normal

Alternatively, you can use Greasemonkey to enhance your reports, with this is a fab trick that Sal Uryasev outlines on the Juice Analytics blog.

Once you have set this up, you can easily see how your traffic for each keyword from the last 30 days compares to the previous 30 days (or whatever period of time is most useful to you).  Your report shows something like this:

Keyword traffic changes

Once it is set up it’s quick and easy to see the results of all your hard work :-)