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During our Christmas Campaign PushON recently mentioned the brand Top Trumps, which is owned and copyrighted by Winning Moves. As a company we offer our whole and unreserved apologies to both Top Trumps and Winning Moves for this, as we were not given permission to reference them in any of our communication.

Top Trumps is a fantastic game loved by people of all ages and has become a staple in the lives of a great many children during the festive period. We are huge fans ourselves, as you may have been able to tell! So in keeping with the festive spirit we would urge all of our readers and followers to go out and buy a pack of Top Trumps for someone this Christmas as they make great presents.

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  • Psychobel

    I should add that Winning Moves could have been really difficult to deal with but were really straight forward and decent about our error. Very professional.