Social media site Twitter has revealed that its worldwide user base has grown significantly over the past six months, with the number submitting posts on the site (or ‘tweeting’) now having passed the 200 million mark.

The site also revealed that the number of active users for the UK alone now stands at 10 million.

In contrast, back in May this year, active users worldwide had been recorded as being at a respectable – but far lower – level of 140 million.

Commenting on the factors likely to have driven this substantial increase, Twitter has said that interest in the US presidential election and the Olympics were likely to have persuaded many non-active members to start tweeting.

On top of this, the site claims there were still many who had this year joined the Twitter community for the very first time – with France referred to as a prime example of a nation witnessing an influx of new members (a development, Twitter says, partly influenced by the election for the country’s new president).

Twitter says it also has details revealing that an increasing number of users are now accessing the site via a mobile device – with a smartphone app the method currently chosen by 60% of active members around the globe.

Mobile access to Twitter was shown to be even higher among UK users – with 80% currently accessing the site via their web-enabled phone.

Twitter admits, however, that the majority of its 500 million members still do not actively participate on the site by sending their own tweets.