Marketers are smiling broadly following the recent upgrade to Twitter’s ad targeting.

The changes will allow marketing teams to target keywords and tweet users based on intent. This will be on top of geo-tagging and simpler interest based filters.

Analysing recent tweets, a snack company would have the potential to target those who had tweeted “I’m hungry”. This can then be supplemented with Twitter’s other tools designed for targeting users and suddenly marketers are reaching a much more specific user group.

Several major brands have already used the keyword targeting tool on a trial basis and results have been promising. Some brands saw engagement rates of nearly 11% on promoted tweets. This figure is significantly bigger than Twitter’s best existing engagement rate, which was around 2%.

Speaking about the development, Twitter’s Kevin Weil said:

“We think this will be a big step for us and we are super excited to launch keyword targeting in timelines. More relevant, actionable promoted tweets are better for users and ultimately brands.”

Twitter hasn’t confirmed how far into the history of users’ timelines it would look with its keyword targeting. Instead it claimed that this would be considered continually and the company would be working with user and advertiser feedback.

Twitter will continue to allow users the option to dismiss any promoted tweet that they don’t consider relevant.

Experts believe this introduction of keyword targeting will appeal to more recognised brands as marketing campaigns become more successful.

Twitter is predicted to bring in over $580m in global advertising revenue this year, with twice that amount expected in 2014.