Back in June 2011, Twitter announced its URL shortening tool, for formatting links of 20 characters or greater. Last week, they widened this to include all links tweeted directly through

The official statement put out by the social networking giant so popular with UK business, claimed this would,

“protect (their) users from malicious content”. Going on to say it would also, “offer insight on engagement”.

Delivered well, it should prove beneficial to marketing professionals, digital relationship departments and SEO service providers.

Using the tool, all links will be automatically checked for malware, phishing scams, bogus domains and spam sites, and warn users accordingly. Unlike other popular link shortening tools, the tool will display the full domain name to the user too.

The use of the service could not be simpler; requiring the author of the post to simply paste their link into their message. This will allow the administrators of Twitter accounts to tweet much faster, and with greater coherency.

The other aspect of the tool allows each link to be analysed for quality and impact.

This could provide invaluable information which is not always easy to determine, but, is thought likely only to be available to Twitter for internal use presently. It could be rolled out to users at a later date.

Whilst the first roll out will see the service only being made available for links posted direct to Twitter, it is possible that it could be used as a general link shortening service in the future.