Marketing experts are thought to be excited after Twitter announced its latest changes.

The site has tweaked its Media Galleries utility and now has a ‘view all’ option. Twitter had previously allowed for this function but the option was later removed. When this was taken away, users had to trawl content in singular chunks to access all images or videos uploaded by a particular account.

The reintroduction of the view all utility is welcome news for marketing executives who may be looking to promote Twitter Cards. This function allows followers to access a complete media collection, including campaign materials, product images and promotional videos.

Twitter Cards allow marketers to simultaneously upload four images. They can then be Tweeted in one message. The Gallery Card will provide an image and when users click the view all icon, followers can quickly view the images again from their own account.

Marketing executives will benefit greatly as the Product Card will be classified as visual content. As a result, followers clicking the view all function will be accessing advertising media alongside their favourite images.

Despite the rebirth of the view all option being a seemingly minor update, it has great potential for businesses which use Twitter for marketing purposes. The change makes the site’s marketing potential easier to exploit and with the rise in visual media, it is a crucial change that could prove fortuitous for many.

Twitter’s simplicity and accessibility has pushed it high up the list when it comes to promotional activity and the changes are expected to take this even further.