A recent report by Arbitron has revealed that smartphone users in the UK are far more likely to use mobile commerce (mcommerce) apps than European and American smartphone users.

In the UK, around 66% of smartphone users are using mcommerce apps. In comparison, approximately 57% of German smartphone owners, and 55% of American smartphone owners, use mcommerce apps.

UK smartphone owners are also spending 50% more time with mcommerce apps than all of the markets Arbitron surveyed. This is in addition to the overall number of sessions undertaken by UK smartphone users.

In the UK, smartphone owners are averaging around 135 minutes a month using the apps, equating to nearly 55 sessions. Across the Atlantic, American smartphone users are spending, on average, just over 90 minutes per month whilst German and French users also log significantly less mcommerce use than UK users.

The most used mcommerce app in the UK is eBay, with nearly 44% of those surveyed using it for more than 144 minutes per month. The next most popular is Amazon mobile. However, Amazon is used considerably less than eBay, with barely more than 29 minutes per month usage.

Andreas Piani, European Arbiton Mobile’s general manager, said:

“If they haven’t already, merchants should be taking advantage of… the mobile medium and ensure that they have a diversified strategy to engage consumers… mcommerce isn’t just an appendix to ecommerce, and apps aren’t just a downloadable declination of mobile-optimized sites.”

He went on to explain that businesses should ensure they have mobile-optimised sites to ensure mcommerce opportunities are maximised.