In a recent report by the IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau UK) it was revealed that spending on mobile marketing in the UK has risen by 148%. UK mobile marketing spend is now valued at £526m, this in contrast to the £203m spent over 2011.

The increased spend in mobile advertising accounts for more than 50% of the total increase in digital advertising spend for the period. The increased ad spend was as a result of the explosion in smartphone sales. Mobile advertising accounts for nearly 10% of digital advertising spend in the UK – nearly ten times the 1.1% it accounted for in 2009.

According to Tim Elkington of IAB:

“Mobile has reached this milestone because marketers are becoming more attuned to the ‘always on’ nature of consumers.”

Elkington went on to explain that, in light of the excitement surrounding mobile, over the past half year another 20 of the top advertisers in the UK have developed websites optimised for mobile devices.

With 4G’s bandwidth allowing for more data intensive content and the success of the tablet device, it seems mobile’s growth is likely to continue. Investment in mobile optimisation will see more and more consumer interaction.

Despite the relative newness of 4G in the UK, there has been significant growth in video advertising for mobile. Indeed, there has been a 1,601% growth in video advertising, with spend rising from less than £1m in 2011 to £13m last year.

The biggest spenders within mobile advertising were entertainment and media companies; retail and consumer goods closely followed.

Advertisers seeking to ride the mobile wave will need to ensure ads are relevant and must engage customers to bring improved results for brands.