UK significantly embracing new TV viewing technology

PushON | December 21st 2012

New figures have revealed that UK consumers are among the world’s top embracers of innovative ways of watching TV.

The figures – from media watchdog Ofcom’s International Communications market Report – reveal that when it comes to using online TV services, those in the UK are the heaviest consumers.

According to the report, 23% of UK consumers with access to the web say they use the medium to view TV programming at least once a week. The comparative figure for those in the US was found to be just 17% – with Spain trailing behind in third place at 16%.

The Ofcom figures also reveal that a significant proportion of UK consumers have access to high definition TV at home. The penetration of HDTV currently stands at 41% of UK homes – the second-densest penetration in the world, coming in behind the US at 49% – but ahead of Japan (at 31%), Germany (28%) and France (18%).

The level of smart TV use was also found to be relatively high in the UK, with 15% of those surveyed claiming ownership of a set – the joint highest proportion of smart TV ownership in the world alongside France. The comparative figure for the US was revealed as 10%.

The Ofcom survey also revealed that UK consumers are the third heaviest viewers of TV in general, with an average of 242 minutes watched each day – coming in behind Italy at 253 minutes a day, and the US at 293 minutes a day.