Any doubt about the need to invest in content for mobile devices should be wiped away. Research undertaken by GfK reveals a huge increase in UK tablet sales for the first quarter of 2013.

Sales of tablets actually accounted for more than half of all sales of computing devices.

The performance of tablet sales reveals an annual increase of 163%, supporting a revenue value increase of 87%. The figures are impressive but are actually lower than sales figures for the final quarter of 2012, due mostly to the festive shopping period.

As marketing teams work with web developers to create strategies for the remainder of the year, these figures should raise alarm bells for those who have yet to embrace mobile devices in their approach. With consumers increasingly accessing the internet on their mobile devices, businesses not optimising websites and content are likely to lose out to competitors who do.

In conjunction with increased tablet sales, wireless keyboard sales are also increasing. This may indicate that consumers are using tablets as alternatives to traditional laptops.

Sales of smartphones remained buoyant during the first quarter of 2013, with a 15% growth.

The increase in tablet sales is also hitting the traditional PC market, as sales in laptops and desktops declined significantly during the same period. This change to how consumers are using devices is clearly significant for marketing executives and web developers.

With the UK’s mobile device market having such strength, the potential for mobile marketing has never been greater. Marketers need to ensure their content and websites are optimised for mobile or face losing out.