Mircosoft have put ‘undo’ next to ‘save’ in their new version of Office:

Microsoft Office Usability

What were they thinking?

  • Blowski

    Can you go into detail of why that’s such a bad thing? I haven’t noticed any problem with it, although I do usually use ‘Ctrl + Z’ rather than the button.

  • http://www.virtuaffinity.com Simon Wharton

    Becaue it’s millimetres away from disaster. you want to undo, but you save instead. Mendozaaaaaaaa!!!!!

  • http://www.mitooshi.com Nina

    Have you tried right clicking on that little panel and selecting customise? It lets you change what appears there so you can get rid of undo or save or both if you like.

  • http://www.pushon.co.uk Katrina

    Good call Nina, I’ll definitely customise that.