A new report claims that many businesses across the UK could do much more to potentially reach out to staff if they were they to introduce internal social media platforms along the lines of Facebook or Twitter.

The report, by specialist recruitment organisation, Hyphen, claims that of the 1,500 staff members it surveyed, 42.3% said they would, if given the opportunity, be content to communicate with their immediate superior via Facebook, whilst 20% would feel comfortable being able to reach their department head via Twitter. Nearly the same percentage (19.4%) said they would feel happy sending tweets to the company’s chief executive officer.

At the same time, the report reveals that 39.2% of managers surveyed said they would also be willing to engage with staff via Facebook or other social media.

Against these findings, however, the report also reveals that a large number of businesses still ban staff from using social media in the workplace, while any use of social media among employers to engage with staff was found to have been experienced by only 17.4% of those employees surveyed.

The report argues that, given the high proportion of younger staff currently using social media in their private lives – 69.1% of new junior staff and 62.6% of junior executives surveyed – employers would find that using a social media platform to reach out to these younger staff members would prove particularly fruitful.

The report cites IBM and Nokia as examples of employers who have successfully introduced their own internal social media site.