It has been well established that email marketing is one of the most powerful ways to promote a business; it’s also extremely cost-efficient. The best way for businesses to maximise the potential of this technique is to ensure a healthy mailing list is in place.

There are several ways of increasing the size of a mailing list, but a dedicated email subscription page is one of the most successful and popular methods.

With around half of businesses gaining up to 10% of their business through email, the importance of email marketing should not be underestimated. Despite the exponential growth of social media marketing, email marketing is still vital to any business’s digital marketing strategies.

For potential customers, signing up for email needs to be easy. Any blocks or difficulties in registering can cause potential customers to click away before subscribing – not the outcome a business wants.

By using a specific subscription page, there is much more space for content that will explain the benefits of subscribing to potential customers and subscribers. Businesses need to ensure the page has interesting and engaging web copy to draw in subscriber interest.

Many businesses choose to keep the subscription page simple and easy to use, ensuring visitors considering subscribing are aware of the benefits of signing up. It is also considered good practice to include links to the business’s social media sites, allowing potential customers to see a variety of ways in which to keep connected to a business.