It was of course the online success story of the early 2000s, which then seemed to go into decline very quickly, but social media website Friends Reunited is now re-launching with what it believes will be an extremely popular offering of historical and nostalgic image sourcing and discussion forums.

Friends Reunited’s current owner, online publications company Brightsolid, says that whilst the site’s original facility of providing opportunities for tracking down and messaging old classmates will still stand, there will now also be an opportunity for its users to store, share and discuss both personal and collective memories.

The main resource that users will draw upon in their search for these old memories is a collection of 350,000 photos and images, to which Brightsolid has secured access in an arrangement with photography archivists Francis Firth and the Press Association.

Using the new tagline, ‘millions of memories all in one place’, the new site is hoping to entice its existing core of 24 million, though now largely dormant members, to once again engage with the site.

Brightsolid aims to further encourage both old and new users onto the site by pledging privacy facilities that are both ‘simple’ and ‘straightforward’ and which will place members ‘firmly in control’.

Commenting on the revamped Friends United, Btightsolid chief executive Chris van der Kuyl said:

“Nowhere else can you find a single place to search, collect and save the bigger, more important moments in your life, memories which, in today’s digital world, are in danger of slipping through your fingers.”