Want a job as an SEO in Manchester?

Posted by Simon Wharton

February 15, 2008

Let me make this plain from the start, if you are a recruitment company, go away!! Especially if you are BD recruitment! Anyway, we are looking to recruit someone to join our SEO team. Job role is to do pretty much everything to do with managing an SEO campaign for a client. We do like to get our peoples hands dirty by doing everything, including account management, so you wont be sat doing just one repetetive task. We like to train our people up to be fully featured. We will expect you to work hard.

The ideal person for us has a bit of industry background but wants more out of it.

If you are interested, give me a call on 0870 757 4888 or drop me a line at “info at pushon dot co dot uk”

  • Stephen Ervin


    Can’t see you’re big ho-ha with BD recruitment, maybe you caught them on a bad day. I’ve been using them for the last three years, particularly Paul, and have always had top service.


  • http://www.virtuaffinity.com Simon Wharton

    Stephen, check the blog post out. Unsolicited CVs that are completely irrelevant to what we do. The endless phone calls when they’ve been given a lead in at a set time. No coordination between sales wolves. Not a bad day, a bad 6 months of trying to get them to bugger off. Really shoddy sales technique. I was prepared to talk to them at some stage but now if anyone asks my opinion, you can guess what it’s going to be. And that’s really poor management of their brand

  • Stephen Ervin

    Simon, I’ve read your blogs posting (I believe they really like you ;-).

    It’s strange isn’t it, how two people can have had such a different experience with the same company; you’re experience (gone into detail in previous posting), mine great. I suppose that’s down to who we deal with, what are needs are, what was on offer &c…

    Oh well, they have a job to do (like all of us, except most of our jobs – once we’ve landed them – are ego centric) which on the whole saves tons of leg work.

    By-the-way, the job you have on offer sounds pretty tasty!

  • http://www.virtuaffinity.com Simon Wharton

    I was going to say “Send me your CV”, but I’m guessing you are an employer as opposed to employee

  • Stephen Ervin

    Simon, I have been both, but I’m now freelance – the liberation was immense.

  • http://www.virtuaffinity.com Simon Wharton

    Then show me your work. It’s good to know talent whether directly employable or freelance

  • Stephen Ervin

    Simon, Do you have an email address I can send you some details of my previous work?

  • http://www.virtuaffinity.com Simon Wharton

    its in your inbox