We’ve got more business coming in than you can shake a stick at but we want some more. We’re looking for a particularly special person who can develop business in the online marketing sector and can deliver a large element of the marketing project. So it’s develop and deliver. However, we really are after the right person. If Gordon Gecko is your idol, don’t apply. If you aspire to wearing a pinstripe suit, don’t apply. If you want a lot of flexibility in your working life, a sort of OK salary and the chance to work with devastatingly handsome people, then send us your details. The more formal spec for the job is….

Position: Online Marketing Account Manager

Company: PushON Ltd

Website: www.pushon.co.uk

Job Description:

We are looking for someone who has an excellent understanding of the full range of opportunities available to business via online marketing and we are looking for someone who has experience of delivering online marketing solutions with proven success. We are not looking for a “go getter� or “power seller� or “highly motivated sales professional�. The successful candidate will have an understanding of business and will understand that the ongoing relationship is more important than the quick sale. It is important to the growth of PushON that we identify people who want to work in the same manner that we enjoy, who are prepared to commit to hard work and enjoy the flexibility of the environment we cultivate.

The Job will require the candidate to prospect appropriate new business, to build an appropriate campaign for that business and manage that through into a Business as Usual Process.

The candidate should also be comfortable with working diligently in a “virtual� and flexible environment. Most PushON employees work from their own home and enjoy the flexibility and extra time this allows. PushON will be acquiring new premises in the near future and the candidate will then be expected to mix working from the office and from home as appropriate

Experience and Skills desired:

Excellent communication skills whether spoken or written, online or offline.
2 years delivering online marketing projects including:

• Search Engine Optimisation
• Email Marketing
• Social Media Exploitation
• Viral Marketing

Understanding of HTML
Understanding of W3C standards
Shopping online
Understanding of accessibility issues


English Language
A relevant degree would be nice but not essential
A marketing qualification


Starting salary is £15K to £20K plus commission
Holidays: 25 days a year including bank holidays