Web analytics drives launch of new PR measurement tools

Web analytics drives launch of new PR measurement tools

PR can now measure the effect of campaignsTwo new tools used to measure the effectiveness of PR campaigns have been introduced by separate UK-based PR agencies. The development of both of these tools has, for the large part, been devised with the aim of meeting the sophisticated requirements of modern web analytics.

In the first instance, public relations firm, Lewis PR, has launched LSCORE; an evaluation and measurement system designed to monitor public feedback to PR campaigns in terms of conversion, engagement and sentiment.

Although LSCORE can service the analysis of campaigns undertaken through the deployment of both traditional and online media, it is the latter’s demands for data specifically relating to conversions which, according to Lewis PR, have largely shaped the main characteristics of LSCORE:

“…as adoption of web analytics has grown, the need has emerged for meaningful metrics that demonstrate the business impact of PR and social media…assessed in terms of conversions.”

Meanwhile, another public relations firm, Shine Communications, has introduced its own PR effectiveness measurement and evaluation tool, Eric (Evaluating Results in Integrated Campaigns), which includes a full range of techniques designed specifically to monitor real time developments as they are played out in online-based media.

Called Eric Is Social, Shine’s new online monitoring service provides information on: the key bloggers submitting commentary directly related to a particular brand; the main sources of website traffic; general attitudes towards a brand; and which particular sections of the demographic are most active in generating significant online interest in a brand.