Web analysis undertaken into the effects of the recently modified algorithm underpinning internet media giant Google’s search engine site, has found that whilst many companies have benefitted in terms of increased presence on Google, the online profile of others has been decidedly reduced.

Google had promoted the algorithm change as a means of generating more relevant, up-to-date searches for users; and for this reason the exercise had been labelled the ‘freshness update’ – building on an earlier algorithm change known as the ‘Caffeine update’.

Following this new modification of the Google algorithm, web analytics company, Searchmetrics decided to look at how different companies’ websites now fared in terms of navigation via general online searches.

For the purposes of the analysis, Searchmetrics evaluated the results using the criteria of its own search engine optimisation (SEO) visibility metric, whereby an examination is made of the impact of specific keywords, search types, and URL rank.

Searchmetrics then compared the results of its analysis – carried out on 6th November – with those generated using the same SEO visibility metric on 30th October, prior to the Freshness update having taken place.

Searchmetrics found that whilst many sites now enjoy greater online visibility post the Freshness update, others have had their visibility reduced.

Moreover, the analysis could not identify any common pattern emerging from the list of ‘winners’ and ‘losers’; with, for example, some news-related sites gaining in overall visibility (such as dailymail.co.uk, with a gain of 5 percent); and others losing visibility (independent.co.uk, for example, with a drop of over 17 percent).