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Freelance web creatives, make yourselves known!

If you are or know anyone who really understands web creative, can do really slick layout for us, or even virtuaffinity, to build rather special websites from, please make yourselves known. Contact us or drop a comment with links to your work here

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  • Jane Howitt

    Huh! We Web Writers are Web Creatives, too, you know!!!

    And we really understand the medium, and we’ve got a lot to offer. (Well, I have :-) )

    So don’t forget us!!!!

  • Jane Howitt

    Umm… what happened to my little smilie? Gone all bouncy.

  • Simon Wharton

    Yes you are but you’re not the web creatives I need for this project. It’s just the ones that do pretty. And your smiley is bouncey because we are just so damn cool. And it’s native to the software we use.
    How are youJane? It’s been an absolute age. Come up and see us some time.