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Is it time to bury Internet Explorer (IE7) for good?

We’ve all been there. For the past couple of years it’s been a nightmare for us developers to spend hours either changing our CSS or HTML mark-up just so Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) can render our webpages correctly.  Since the launch of IE7 back in 2006, web technologies and web standards have changed significantly. Whenever… Continue reading

Magento Certified Developers in Manchester

As Magento Silver Partners and diligent employers we made a commitment to staff training. PushON are proud to announce that Sam Rutley and Humayun Khalid have passed the Magento Certified Developer certification, joining an exclusive group of Magento Certified Developers in the UK. PushON have been working with Magento for over three years and in… Continue reading

How to include stylesheets and javascript files in wordpress, the correct way! (now including Media Queries)

To often I see themes that have the template css and javascripts as HTML includes in the header file. In fact, even twentyeleven does it this way (not that I like a single thing about twentyeleven, but it’s what a lot of people use as a starting point). Not only is this bad practice as… Continue reading

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