Tonight I’ll be delivering a presentation and workshop to a numberSEO Presentation of microbusiness/sme/startups in Manchester. It’s on behalf of Blue Orchid. If anyone is interested, you can find the seo presentation online here.

The presentation is at St Peters RC school. I must have a word about their website, because it’s too dreadful to link to. So here’s a map instead

  • Sandra Chapman

    I use the opportunity to create a blog.

  • David Towers

    Nice presentation, thanks for sharing.

  • Simon Wharton

    I think it was a useful course last night. part of th eplan was to get each person to set up a Google account so that they could then set up a Blogger Blog. The idea that it gives everyone some form of web presence, they get into content content content and they learn how to drop in links. However, the way that the network was configured meant that Google kept seeing everyone as one person so every signup would fail. Eventually we signed up one at a time and managed to set up some blogs. I think a few people learned some handy stuff

  • Roy

    I spend all that time creating nice presentation templates and you go and do that to the first slide. Shame on you simon.

  • David Towers

    Sound’s like a good idea to get people started with a blog. The blogger platform isn’t great in the long term, but it’s a good way to give people a feel for blogging. Once they are comfortable with the idea of writing content, they can get a site developed with an integrated blog using WordPress, Joomla (my preference) or Durpal relatively easily and at a reasonable cost. Once companies have integrated and optimised blogs and are writing regularly they stand a good chance of good SERPs in their niche.

  • Dave

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