After 3 years, we’ve FINALLY launched our new website and we’re delighted with the outcome. It took us so long that we went through the whole design stage twice over as the initial creative looked dated by the time we came to build, but client work always comes first.

The website, built by our very own internal design and development team is built on the well known publishing platform, WordPress. makes use of the latest version and uses its new features such as custom menus. From an SEO point of view, We’ve brought the blog from a sub domain ( to a sub-directory ( which should increase domain authority. Our development team have also been busy searching out and testing the best plug-ins to manage SEO on

It uses a custom template that we’ve built from scratch giving us a chance to update the PushON brand to give a cleaner look and feel.

One of the main features of the design is to allow for better use of the screen space. The old design was quite narrow compared to the new one. This reflects an increase in the typical screen that people are now using.

It was also was a good opportunity to include a full list of services that we provide. Some people think of us just as a search marketing agency, but we’re much more than that.

Take a look around, we hope you like it.

  • Guest

    Nice work chaps. I like it.

  • Anonymous

    Nice work chaps. I like it.