The Panel

This talk has a panel consisting of:

  • Kevin Gibbons
  • Chelsea Blacker
  • Sam Crocker
  • James Lowery
  • Peter Young
  • Dixon Jones

And is moderated by Richard Gregory

The Discussion

How big a deal is this?

Not a huge deal for some industries. Retail for example may take much less of a hit than technology based industries.

Chelsea explains that in her retail clients she has seen the cheaper brands are seeing a much less impact than the more expensive brands.

The biggest issue is that people are making assumptions based on assumptions as opposed to historical data. It makes it much harder to make SEO accountable.

What are the issues that can grow and make it more of an issue?

Google+ is the game changer. It has 50 million users at the moment. 250 million Gmail users. If you look at the size of Facebook, that is similar to the amount of data that Google could have access to in the future and it’s what they do with that that will determine problems we have in the future.

Is this really to do with privacy?

Sam Crocker thinks it is. He goes on to suggest that in the quest for personalisation via its social media, they may be hurting their privacy morals.

If personalistion and privacy are such a big deal to Google, why is mobile not being treated the same?

Chelsea adds that she assumes it is simply being rolled out slowly and will hit mobiles in the not too distant future. Sam plays devil’s advocate by saying that it may actually be down to Google valuing mobile data to much to make private.

Dan Barker’s post on how to track landing pages of the signed in users within analytics on econsultancy is given a huge recommendation.

Sam finalises by saying that the huge problem that we should be worrying about is the cookie legislation in May – “Enjoy what you have while you have it”.