Steve Woods ArtSomeone once said that you tend to do business with people that you know, like and trust. In this increasingly digital environment in which we transact, I suppose it is almost blindingly obvious that social networks would need to evolve, not only to manage online relationships as they evolve, but also to enable relationships of reconciliation as they become relevant. By reconciliation, I mean the “Whatever happened to..” questions that occur to as we move on through life.

Friends Reunited developed a reputation for rekindling lost loves and on the odd occasion enabling them to a point of consummation. But not all relationships have such a sordid motivation though. There are those people who just moved elsewhere and who writes letters these days? These are relationships worth reviving because they mattered and it is simply opportunity to maintain that relationship that was missing.

It can be similar with business. I know people who are expected to be on the Golf Course every Friday with clients because that personal relationship matters, and via that social contact you learn what you have in common, thereby making the business relationship just that bit more than business.

As a client, you are happy to spend that bit more, to give preferential treatment on that next contract. As a service provider you are happy to go that bit further for your client and in fact, you understand better how to service that client. Now, I’m not suggesting that online social networks will ever, or should ever, replace that human interaction. That is what makes us human, however, they do give us the means to extend the choice of interaction.

So, to return to the question of “What is Social Network Service Marketing”? It is an opportunity to build relationships with people who you share an interest with. It is an opportunity to demonstrate the personality of you and you business. It is an opportunity to go out and find interest groups, to research your audience, to make your brand have depth. Your audience now owns your brand. It certainly works for us.

We know that potential clients have looked over assets and not liked the way that we do things. We are informal in our approach. We’re happy that they know that they would not be comfortable doing business as it saves their time and ours. We have won business above bigger competitors because the client appreciates our understanding of the medium and our approach to it. They appreciate our uniqueness.

Boo Radleys Artwork

The whole point of the post was a lot simpler when I started. A very old friend, Steve Wood, whose work I have always loved has been back in touch. We’ve known where each other is for some time but Facebook has enabled the communication. He’s an artist who used to cover art for such as the Boo Radleys.

He has a piece in a competition which I think is great and he’s made a load of us aware of it via Facebook. We know like and trust him so we check out the piece of art and take the time to vote for him. Because I like his work, I am more than happy to talk about it, and in fact, I’m eager to recommend it. Go on, give him a vote.