I’d like to say that Summer is here and then use that as a hook for this blog post, but you can’t be too careful with that kind of reckless declaration in Manchester. So instead, I’ll just say that the bank holidays are here! And that + nice weather = eating and drinking (more than usual). Outdoors if possible. I don’t know why, it just does.

Here in Manchester, we’ve got two street parties to attend this weekend, one of which is being kindly sponsored by our clients, Tree accountancy.. If you don’t already know about them, have a look at the NQ street party and Thomas street treat.

And I can tell you what I’ll be drinking over my bank holiday weekend… GIN. I’ve developed quite a taste for it over the last few months, especially so, as we’ve been working with Brazen PR to develop G&J Greenall’s new website celebrating 250 years of Great British Spirit.

They’ve put up a bunch of momentous British events from the last 250 years. Vote for yours and you could win one of 250 bottles of free gin. That’s good isn’t it?