I’ve been doing Windows Vista demo’s recently and have had the opportunity to try out the new design and features of Vista.

Although skeptical at first, I’ve been impressed.

It really is aimed at new users in particular, as they’ve simplified things, making the experience more intuitive. For example, you can search for files, programs and anything on the Internet from the start button. Simple photo editing is included – you could teach someone the full photo editing features in 2 minutes – so although it’s not advanced, it’s great for what most people need.

Organising files has become less effort, with the more advanced search function, and the tags (very Web 2.0!).

Photos are grouped into categories using date stamps, tags, or the traditional folders. Microsoft are using tags to great effect – allowing users to give photos multiple tags to describe the content, with this they can find all photos tagged with the name John, for example.

Office 2007 has had a massive face lift too; again aimed at making things easier to use – bigger buttons, visual cues, and a webpage like layout.

You can see Windows Vista below:

It’s easy to see influences from different operating systems and programs, I couldn’t help thinking of the Google desktop application – with the advanced search and desktop gadgets. A lot of people are putting it down to Mac OS X.

Mac OS X

I came across some video clips of the new Linux operating system, which again looked familiar after working with Windows Vista; particularly the 3D window movement. I found this really impressive, especially as this is an Open Source system.

Linux operating system

And here, the new operating system dealing with touch screen (disturbingly demonstrated by a naked man):

  • http://www.artisanmc.co.uk Rob Artisan


    with all the bad press Microsoft get I was surprised to find a fovourable review of Vista

    Brilliant to see a more open appraisal


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