, a company that provides a help, training and support service for WordPress, has announced that they plan to release an ebook called ‘The 6 Step WordPress Troubleshooting Guide’. The guide, which will be 100% free, aims to help WordPress users who are unsure about the platform to solve any issues they might come across.

The hugely popular blog and website building software WordPress is currently behind a staggering total of 48 blogs that fall within the top 100 in the world, with this number continuing to grow. Although the software is highly popular, many smaller businesses are left facing the reality that they cannot afford to hire dedicated WordPress developers and therefore have nobody to ask for help and advice when they become stuck.

The team at know all too well how difficult this can be from their own personal experience in the past and want to address these issues with their new ebook. Following a 6-step process, they hope that businesses unable to afford their own WordPress developer will still be able to solve 90% of the problems that arise.

Brandon Yanofsky, founder of, further explained:

“We do provide WordPress help and support for hundreds of businesses but every day, I come across people who simply don’t have the resources to hire someone like us. I remember being in a similar position not too long ago and know how difficult it can be. Looking back to when I first started using WordPress, I wish I had something like this.”

The team hope to release the ebook within two months and updates can be found on their official website.