Web-based content management and publishing tool, WordPress, now facilitates 60 million blogs, commanding more than 300 million unique users every month.

The figures have been produced by WordPress founder, Matt Mullenweg.

Mullenweg says that the open-source tool is now poised for even greater use, via social media and mobile devices.

In regard to social media, Mullenweg commented:

‘We were typically doing ten page view per unique user. With some of this new [social] stuff, we see that go up an order of magnitude’

On the use of WordPress in mobile communications, Mullenweg said that such activity had grown seven-fold over within the space of a year, with

‘four to five million active users logging into WordPress’ mobile platform daily’

Mullenweg however was quick to emphasise the uniqueness of WordPress when compared to other publishing and blogging tools:

‘Wordpress is about doing your entire website, not just your blog. 92% of users are using it as a content management system in addition to a blog’.

Meanwhile, Mullenweg reassured users that there were no plans to move WordPress away from its open source roots. Describing himself as an ‘open source hippy’, Mullenweg stressed that he believed ‘morally and philosophically’ in a future in which

‘not just software, but everything , is open source’

Mullenweg even went as far as to claim that WordPress is often of a better quality than many more expensive publishing software packages:

‘One of the most interesting trends for me is that enterprise software has always sucked, but now people are complaining about it more’, he said.