Here at PushON we are pleased to announce that we have a new client on board who we will be working with us over the coming months.

Works with Water is a fresh and innovative company based in Lancashire offering a revolutionary new acne skin care treatment. The new product can actively reduce acne in as little as 8 weeks and makes use of ingredients which are backed by clinical proof.

In pushing the company forward Works With Water have decided to pursue a new distribution line in terms of an online store. The company launched the brand new store this week and wants to use innovative techniques to supply its customers with its acne treatments.


This takes the company away from the more traditional routes from distributing through supermarkets. We feel the excellent creative and open approach to the company will help us deliver a strong campaign for the company offering good levels of sales and enquiries.

At PushON we are excited about the challenge at hand as the requirements and campaign for this project will change significantly. In the coming year Works With Water aim to launch several new products which help people with a variety of conditions. This will in turn give us the opportunity to create exciting new content and diversify the keyword targeting.

  • Tony Tickle

    Spot on mate