Some of the most watched amateur YouTube performers and video producers have been promised their own dedicated professional film studio complex by the social media platform’s owner, Google.

According to reports, the new complex will comprise two state of the art production studios, a sophisticated interchangeable backdrop screen and editing suites manned by professional staff. It will also provide access both to high quality video and still photography camera equipment.

The dedicated studio complex will be housed at Google’s offices in Soho.

Commenting on the forthcoming development, YouTube’s director of content operations, Sara Mormino, said:

‘It is amazing to think that some of the most successful creators on the platform, with millions of views, use little more than their bedrooms, a webcam and any props they can lay their hands on to produce compelling videos and build a global franchise. But many of our partners are ready to take their channels to the next level by using the latest equipment and editing techniques.’

Mormino added that the studio complex would be open to YouTube stars – or ‘partners’ – from anywhere in Europe, Africa or the Middle East.

She also emphasised that the move was ultimately concerned with driving audience numbers, stating that all participants in the new venture would also be able to collaborate and exchange ideas with other partners and experts. It is believed this will help generate new content for worldwide YouTube audiences to enjoy.

YouTube’s push to further increase audience members has also seen it recently offer theatrically-released movies and other professional video content for both purchase and rental.